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RES Background:
Ormazabal has been present in the commercial Renewable Energy generation sector almost since its beginnings in 1995. We started supplying our fully gas insulated extendable medium voltage cubicles range in pioneer countries for renewable energy commercial generation, such as Germany or Spain, as early as 1995.
Since then, we have been accompanying our world leading customers in their growth and discovery of new markets for a greener world. We have been learning alongside them from our commonly-
accumulated experience. This allows us to offer a portfolio of products and services specifically designed and developed for RES applications: from an offshore wind farm in the North Sea to a Photovoltaic plant in Sicily (Italy).
Our continuous development of electrical solutions both for internal grid and grid connection, especially for wind and solar energy, contemplate the requirements that our know-how tells us are essential for these applications:
  • Efficiency: solutions that operate uninterruptedly under the most demanding conditions with a minimum maintenance requirements.
  • Safety: for people and for assets, complying with international and local standards and regulations.
  • Sustainability: throughout the life cycle, considering environmental impact in all of our activities.
RES Milestones:
  • Since 1995 supplying medium voltage GIS cubicles for RES commercial generation.
  • Products & Services provided in Renewable Energy projects in over 60 countries around the world.
  • Accounting for more than 37 GW installed RES power.
  • This means 1300+ Wind & 750+ Solar Plants.
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