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Tertiary Background:

Tertiary energy consumers like residential, leisure areas or industrial zones, involves the supply and interconnection of medium-high-scale power distribution technologies to the network.

The power usually comes from the transmission network and is then moulded for consumption in the distribution network. Depending on the end user requirements, the consumption of the energy will be done in medium voltage (MV) or low voltage (LV).

Independently of the energy demanded, the compromise between social and environmental impact will arise as a priority with a common objective: Every day we want safer, environmentally-friendly and sustainable environments.

Our experience in industrial zones, residential and leisure sectors, along with the flexibility of our solutions, allow us to meet any customer requirement. We have developed several prefabricated transformer substations for cities as well as for industrial zones.

Ormazabal provides reliable solutions to supply energy for tertiary areas. From the transformation substation and distribution up to the energy consumers.

Tertiary Milestones:

  • Turnkey energy consumption solutions provided in more than 25 countries.
  • 100 years of experience in tertiary energy user’s projects.
  • Automatic line transfer plug & play solution for uninterruptedly energy supply.
  • Biggest manufacturer of prefabricated underground transformer substations in the world.
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