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Distribution Publique | 15 déc 2009

Electrification Systems Project for Mobility in the Urban Sites CITYELEC

This is a Unique Strategic Project (PSE), funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation's Program under the Public-Private Partnership of the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011, which aims to find solutions for the implementation of new systems of mobility of people and goods in the urban sites in an efficient and clean manner.
The Project CITYELEC is working on own development research to design vehicle propulsion system components (electric motors) and infrastructures (Recharge Stations), necessary for the development of zero emission vehicles, as well as in the proof of feasibility by testing large scale infrastructures with electrified vehicles, and also in the generation of knowledge and intellectual property related to these new technologies.
The energy sources and how energy is stored are also key factors in the project because there is no point in creating a network of electric vehicles if the energy supply system remains non renewable, causing a greater demand for energy. The environmental problem would be shifted to the traditional power plants plants which generate electricity. Among the participants, are foundations and research and development companies, universities, public companies related to the automotive sector and the electrical businesses'. Ormazabal Corporate Technology leads SP2 "Implementation of infrastructures in urban sites".
The overall project budget for CITYELEC is 19 million euros, of which 57% of the investment comes from companies and 25% from technological centers.
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