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Non-containerised self-supporting metallic substation

Ormazabal has engineered a metallic substation by developing a solution based on a customised enclosure with an independent lifting system, offering a differential value compared to sea containers.


Self-supporting substation

Turnkey solution according to customer requirements:

  • Metallic enclosure with independent lifting system: design, engineering and customisation by Ormazabal.
  • Ormazabal cpg. 0 primary distribution single busbar MV cubicles up to 36 kV / 1250 A / 31.5 kA.
  • Multifunctional electronic protection and control units.
  • 250 kVA transforma.organic transformer with biodegradable liquid dielectric for auxiliary services.
  • Multiple auxiliary power options: TSA, CETAC B1 and B2 sockets.
  • Substation control system (SCS).
  • Other equipment according to the codes approved by the customer (transformer protection cabinet, auxiliary services distribution cabinet, DC power supply equipment, etc.).


Ormazabal challenge and solution:

Ormazabal has extensive experience in building substations in sea container format. We have engineered this substation in an innovative enclosure in order to meet our customer’s requirements, allowing it to be transported by road without any special or complex requirements and used in temporary or permanent locations, all with the overriding feature of being self-loading.

Ormazabal has designed a solution based on an ad-hoc metallic building with the peculiarity of having an independent lifting system using four retractable jacks. This makes it ergonomic and portable, and gives it a significant benefit: it removes the need for cranes or other lifting equipment for loading or unloading on trucks.

The independent lifting system uses a hydraulic drive that moves with the enclosure. The equipment has a 12 kVA generator set installed inside for power. This setup gives the metallic substation a differential advantage over other solutions: ease of installation in hard-to-reach locations, therefore eliminating additional time and costs in unloading/loading, meaning the substation can be up and running in a very short time.

Key benefits to client:

  • Crane-free installation. Eliminate additional transportation time and costs.
  • Faster commissioning time than other conventional solutions.
  • Customised enclosure according to the customer’s standards.
  • Turnkey solution.