Atual, SF6-free

Ormazabal will help Enedis towards a more sustainable grid

The energy transition we are undertaking in Europe is challenging the electricity network, the backbone of the electrical system.

Enedis, the Distribution System Operator of Europe’s largest electricity grid, is committed to make its electricity distribution network strong, reliable, efficient and sustainable. It has set specific targets linked to it and has committed to reduce its carbon footprint by 20% in 2025 and to become carbon-neutral in 2050.

From its side, Ormazabal, the expert in customised and high-tech electrical solutions, contributes to decarbonisation by developing and manufacturing products that make the grid more efficient and sustainable, through clean energy and efficient processes that minimise its carbon footprint.

Aligned with their respective sustainability goals and continuous collaboration for more than 25 years in the development of technological solutions for the electrical grid, both companies signed a contract last year to install in Enedis medium voltage network a significant number of SF6-free switchgears in the following years.

Although SF6 has extraordinary insulating and dielectric properties, its GWP (Global Warming Potential) is high, and, therefore, technological alternatives are needed. In that sense and prior to the final European regulation on fluorinated gases, Enedis launched a tender for SF6-free equipment with a significant allocation to Ormazabal. The goal is to work together in the most suitable technical solution required by the future electrical network and free of fluorinated, toxic and eco-toxic gases.

Ormazabal, who is continuously investing in R&D to develop sustainable and digital native products, will supply a new generation of switchgears and conduct together with Enedis the homologation and field-testing phases that will allow reaching the future industrial solution.

Both companies have a clear commitment on sustainability and digitalisation using cutting-edge technologies, and this milestone implies a clear statement on that path.

Ormazabal Enedis