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5 main advantages for the development of the Smart Grid

Have you ever think about why everybody says that Smart Grids are so important for the next years? Take a look to know the 5 main reasons for the development of the Smart Grid

Today we want to analyze how the Smart Grid could contribute, positively, in a efficient electrical grid development. That´s why we will reveal 5 main advantages for the development of the Smart Grid. Keep on reading to discover them:

1.They turn up the energy supply reliability and quality level

272468When a damage happens, the intelligent network technologies are able to detect and isolate the problem, contributing to a quick electricity recovery in a strategic way. Prioritizing, for example, the electrical grid of hospitals, schools, police stations…  In addition, the intelligent network boosts the energy microgenerators that some customers could have installed when there is not any electricity company service.

2.They give tools to the customer that makes them able to optimize their own electrical consumption and to improve the behavior of the global grid

148908This advantage, also known as demand active managament, stablishes how the intelligent networks gives information and tools the the final user that allows them to have their own decissions about the energy use. The customer will see how much energy is using, when is using it and how much does it cost in real time. These kind of options, that are enough strong by themselves, boost the posibility of saving mony by managing our own energy and choosing the best moment for the consumption of energy.

3.They contribute to support the ambiental sustainability 

234792With the eclosion of the renewable energies, the grid has changed completely. Nowadays, there is no future for the grid if we don´t integrate the renewables. The distributed generation of zero emission energy is one of the main challenges, and the Smart Grids are the key for this defiance. They contribute to the development of the charging infraestructure for the growing electric vehicles, reducing the CO2 emissions.

4.They enhance the electricity storage

190407There is a pending signature in the electricity sector, and it´s called electricity storage. With the actual technology it´s something that cannot be done in a efficient way, but it doesn´t mean that it won´t be done in a short time period. With the thriving technology of Tesla and other leading companies, soon the electricity storage will be part of our rutine, and we´ll need a grid ready for this: the Smart Grid.

5.They improve the efficiency of the distribution


213183Imagine that it´s Christmas and the energy peak is on the top. Suddenly an electrical outage happens and your house doesn´t have electrical supply. A traditional grid  does not have enough habilities to face a problem like this in a quick way. Its main chance is an immediate intervention of a technical team. Smart Grids are able to improve the effiency of the distribution and the flexibility of the demand peak management. Something that prevents this kind of episodes and that reduces the necessities of new generation infrastructures.