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5 main characteristics for a real Smart Grid

There are many ideas linked with the Smart Grids, but today we want to share 5 main attributes that any Smart Grid must fulfill to be considered as a real Smart Grid

The Smart Grid is the electrical grid that is able to integrate, efficiently, the behavior and actions of each user connected to that grid, ensuring a sustainable and efficient energy system, emphisizing the high quality and security services. But, how must a real Smart Grid acquire this definiton?

If we have to define 5 mainstays for a real Smart Grid, we have to consider these ones:

  • Flexible
  • Clever & safe
  • Efficient
  • Open
  • Sustainable

How could we put the “smart” tag to anything if we don´t see it as a flexible solution. Any Smart Grid has to be flexible with the aim of adapting to the changing needs that a system could require. Flexible also means bidirectional with the around environment. And, finally, a Smart Grid should be intensive and safe in the infrastructures use, one of the mainstays of this type of connections.

Clever & safe

Could you consider something clever if it is not able to be used, and be protected, with security and simplicity? No, true? Then a Smart Grid cannot be named as it if it doesn´t fulfil these values. This kind of grids also have to be available in real time if we want to access to any information they can communicate.


One of the most important values of any real Smart Grid is the aim of minimizing the necessity of new infrastructures for the electrical grid. If we transform our equipments into better tools, they will be enough to control the electrical delivery, ensuring the service and cuting down the costs.


Do you think that a Smart Grid could integrate, safely, the renewable energies? Yes, it can, not only that, but it should. Renewable energy is the future of the energy production, so if something wants to be called as Smart Grid, it has to be prepared for this kind of energies. This also means that new electrical markets could be deployed and developed by these kind of grids, allowing new businesses oportunities.


And finally, we have arrived to the last crucial point: the sustainability, one of the key points for this kind of equipments. To be respectfull with the environment and sociable acceptable is essential.