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Australia will be the home of the biggest lithium battery of the world

The battery, powered by Tesla with the collaboration of the energy renewable company Noen, will be instaled in the south coast of Australia

The South Australia Government has announced that this region will house the biggest lithium battery of the world. This technological milestone will happen under Tesla´s collaboration and will be installed near a wind farm that it´s under construction. The battery, which capacity is estimated in 100MW, is designed to light up 30,000 homes if there is a blackout and will be the largest lithium-ion battery storage project all over the world, overtaking an 80 megawatt-hour facility in California, aslo built using Teslas´s products.

But under the agreement, Tesla must deliver the 100-MW battery within 100 days of the contract being signed or it will be free – a commitment Musk made in a Tweet in March.

“There will be a lot of people that will look at this -‘Did they get it done within 100 days? Did it work?'” Musk told reporters in South Australia’s capital city of Adelaide.”We are going to make sure it does”, sentenced.

The move has been applauded by environmentalists but left the state prone to outages as there is no way to store enough energy when the wind doesn’t blow. In September, South Australia’s 1.7 million residents were left without power, some of them for up to two weeks, when the grid overloaded and collapsed.

This announcement is under a AUD 500$ energy investment plan that includes the battery and a gas plant construction. The numbers between the Australian Government and Tesla haven´t been clarified.