Javier Ormazabal, president of Ormazabal, elected President of Orgalim

Javier Ormazabal, new President of Orgalim

The President of Ormazabal takes over from Rada Rodriguez at the head of the main association of European technology industries.

The President of Ormazabal takes over from Rada Rodriguez at the head of the main association of European technology industries.

The echo of a new era echoes through the corridors of Ormazabal as our President, Javier Ormazabal, takes over the prestigious position of President of Orgalim from Rada Rodriguez, CEO of Signify GmbH, after completing four years at the helm of Europe’s leading technology industries association.

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This election is a milestone for Ormazabal as a company, an affirmation of confidence and recognition of our commitment to innovation, growth and advocacy in Europe’s technology landscape. Furthermore, this transition comes at a momentous time in the EU’s political calendar, in line with the upcoming parliamentary elections and the imminent appointment of a new European Commission. At this juncture, the decisions taken will have an impact on the fabric of Europe’s technology industries.

Javier Ormazabal’s call to action is deeply reflected in the ethics of our company. The erosion of the competitiveness of Europe’s manufacturing base is a challenge that requires urgent attention. Not least, removing unnecessary regulatory barriers and empowering companies to create innovative growth models to support the transition to zero neutrality in Europe is a vision that resonates with our own.

Javier Ormazabal takes the helm with the conviction to strengthen the voice of the European technology industry, following the path taken by Rada Rodriguez. “Taking on the position of President is a great responsibility and a real honour. I thank the Orgalim community for their trust,” said Ormazabal’s President.

Malte Lohan, CEO of Orgalim, gives recognition to how a medium-sized family business deeply rooted in the local community, but with global resonance due to our pioneering industrial innovations, resonates deeply in our organisation.

The road ahead is illuminated by the collective vision and dedication of our team under the leadership of Javier Ormazabal. A journey on which we stand ready to actively contribute through dialogue to further the progress and evolution of the European technology landscape.

About Orgalim

Orgalim represents Europe’s technology industries, made up of 770,000 companies innovating at the crossroads of digital and physical technology. These industries develop and manufacture the products, systems and services that make a prosperous and sustainable future possible.

From large, globally active corporations to regionally based small and medium-sized enterprises, the companies they represent directly employ 11.19 million people across Europe and generate an annual turnover of 2,906 billion euros.

Orgalim is the leading voice of Europe’s technology industries at EU level, working with policy makers to strengthen the growth and global leadership of their sectors, maximise their contribution to Europe’s economy and society, and foster a new relationship of trust between business and citizens.