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Ormazabal and E-REDES, together in an excellent work of integration into the environment

In 2019 Ormazabal provided technical support to E-REDES (then EDP Distrubuiçao) for the supply of a transformer substation that would increase the energy capacity and improve the quality of power distribution service to the approximately 200 customers on the Baleal peninsula, about 100 km north of Lisbon in Portugal.

Due to its location directly on the beachfront, the center had to comply with special characteristics. Both the enclosure and the equipment inside the transformer substation had to be prepared to withstand the adverse environmental conditions that occur close to the sea, such as high salinity and atmospheric corrosion.

Since the environmental conditions of the installation site required it, the solution proposed by Ormazabal was a prefabricated pfu-type concrete transformer substation with stainless steel doors and ventilation grilles, with a compact set of HCR-category (High Corrosion Resistant) cgmcosmos medium voltage cubicles, a galvanized transformer, and a low voltage board also capable of withstanding such environmental aggressiveness.

In addition, given the location of the transformer substation (Baleal beach in Peniche is a renowned surfing spot worldwide), the local council required E-REDES to provide a solution with little visual impact. The result was this excellent work of integration into the environment by the electric utility. A transformer substation painted in 3D like a classic surfing icon: the old VW Kombi van, popularly called “pão de forma” (sliced bread) in Portugal.