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Ormazabal collaborates in the emergency repair works of the Yéchar substation

Last January, an extraordinary and powerful short-circuit caused the circuit breakers at the Yéchar substation in Murcia (from Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura) to break, leaving the Mayés dam and several canals, among others, without electricity supply.

Ormazabal collaborated with EPPA INGENIERIA and the Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura (CHS) on the grid repair and network restablishment works, with the supply of medium voltage equipment for the Rambla de Algeciras transformer substation as a matter of urgency and within the necessary timing. Ormazabal provided the transformer substation, consisting of a pfu type concrete prefabricated enclosure equipped with cgmcosmos cubicles, in which a separately supplied 630 kVA transformer was installed, which will enable the voltage level to be increased from 10 kV to 15 kV, thus meeting both grid requirements and the client’s needs.

As a result of this incident, the Mayés dam started to operate with the emergency systems, which entailed potentially serious risks for people and assets.  Likewise, the entire operating, regulation and flow supply capacity for irrigation and the essential public supply service to various cities in the region was lost, with the repair of the Yéchar substation and the medium and low voltage installations of the main canal on the right bank of the Tagus-Segura Distribution Canals being declared an emergency.