Ormazabal colleagues commit to sustainability during Ormazabal Contribution Week

The initiative, part of our commitment to achieving the SDGs, took place at Ormazabal’s various offices around the world

Our deep commitment to sustainability and the improvement of the environments where we operate has resulted in the celebration of the Ormazabal Contribution Week, an initiative that took place during the second week of June and in which numerous colleagues participated in different activities adapted to the reality of each region. Whether awareness-raising actions, such as training workshops, or direct contribution and volunteering, exemplified by the collection of food and clothing for people in need or waste collection in the environment, hundreds of colleagues from all over the world have done their bit to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Thus, our colleagues from China, Turkey, Germany, France and several locations in Spain, such as Madrid, have carried out different actions to collect waste in the environment, returning it to its natural state. In addition to this, colleagues from various parts of the Basque Country did their bit by donating clothes and food for the most needy, while colleagues from Brazil and other parts of China also took part in initiatives to reforest areas affected by indiscriminate tree felling. Meanwhile, from Colombia, Mexico and the USA, the focus was on accompanying people at risk of exclusion both on the streets and in schools and old people’s homes. In addition, the participants from Poland did their bit by collaborating in an animal shelter and raising funds for a better stay for Ukrainian children displaced by the war.

All these initiatives, among others, show the commitment of the people who are part of Ormazabal to caring for the environment and the less favoured people. A commitment that does not stop after Ormazabal Contribution Week, but is added to every action to improve our sustainability indicators that we carry out with each and every one of our activities and with other initiatives such as the upcoming tree plantings that will take place in different locations in Spain.

We will continue to promote initiatives to improve our future and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Congratulations to all participants for what we have achieved!