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Ormazabal develops a non-containerized self-supporting metallic substation

The self-unloading substation, destined for Iberdrola, can be transported by road without special requirements and used in temporary or permanent locations

Ormazabal’s R&D team has achieved a new milestone with the design and development of a non-containerized self-supporting metallic substation for Iberdrola. The challenge of this project consisted of the need for a solution that could be transportable by road without special or complex requirements, usable in temporary or permanent locations, but above all it responds to the requirement of being self-unloadable.

To this end, the Ormazabal team has designed a solution based on an ad-hoc metal building, which has the particularity of having an autonomous lifting system by using four extendable support legs. This makes it ergonomic and portable, with a substantial advantage: the elimination of the need to use a crane or other lifting equipment to load or unload it onto a lorry. In addition, this solution allows commissioning in a much shorter time than other conventional solutions.

The substation is equipped with Ormazabal cpg.0 single busbar medium voltage cubicles for primary distribution: up to 36 kV / 1250 A / 31.5 kA; electronic multifunction protection and control units; a 250 kVA biodegradable liquid dielectric transformer for auxiliary services; multiple auxiliary power supply options: TSA, CETAC B1 and B2 sockets; a substation control system (UCS); as well as other equipment in accordance with the codes approved by the client.

The autonomous elevation system uses a hydraulic drive, which is connected to the enclosure. To power the manoeuvre, the equipment has a 12 kVA generator set installed inside. The set gives this metallic substation a differential advantage over other solutions: its ability of installation in places with difficult access, eliminating additional costs and time for unloading/loading, and consequently, having a substation working in a very short time.