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Ormazabal develops an innovative solution for Iberdrola's mobile substations

The mobile substations are equipped with 30 kV and 12 kV primary and secondary distribution cubicles respectively and a 10 MVA power transformer

Ormazabal has achieved a new milestone thanks to an innovative turnkey engineering solution designed to equip two model STR 30/13 kV compact mobile substations for Iberdrola. The challenge was to carry out the engineering for these two mobile substations, which are intended to be used in emergencies and/or to compact fixed substations, where the time required for action is decisive.

For this purpose, Ormazabal has designed a special solution consisting of two semi-trailers, equipped with 2 hydraulic directional shafts of reduced dimensions, which allow a great manoeuvrability and operability of the substations. At the rear part of these semi-trailers the solution incorporates a metal enclosure housing all the control and protection equipment, while at the front part, on the gooseneck of the trailer, there are 9 individually manoeuvrable medium-voltage cable reels.

Bearing in mind the essential requirement of adjusting the dimensions of the mobile substations as much as possible, Ormazabal’s engineering team has opted to equip the substations with a cpg.0-vl lateral connection cubicle for the 30 kV section, which has a feeder function and transformer; and four cgmcosmos cubicles for the 13 kV section with a transformer function, a metering cubicle and two feeder cubicles from which up to four cables can come out. In addition, the auxiliary services and transformer protection cabinets have been integrated into a single enclosure.

This innovative turnkey solution allows Iberdrola to operate a mobile unit that is quick to install, eliminating additional transport time and costs, with commissioning taking much less time than other conventional solutions on the market. In addition, everything has been carried out in compliance with the customer’s most demanding quality standards. A new milestone that adds to Ormazabal’s long history of innovation, a characteristic of the company’s DNA.