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Ormazabal energy storage solution for renewables in the UK

The Lower Road project is an energy storage site located in the South of England (Brentwood – Essex) consisting of a 10 MW battery connected to the distribution network. It is owned by Gore Street Energy Storage Fund, the first energy storage fund to be quoted on the London Stock Exchange.

Kirby Group Engineering required Ormazabal to supply a solution for the connection of this 10 MW battery storage source to the grid in the UK Power Networks region. The scope included the supply, delivery and install of a grid connection switchboard, along with a customer side package substation, inclusive of a complex protection scheme.

For the customer side, Ormazabal designed and built a bespoke GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) substation arranged in two sections:

  • One room was allocated for customer side IEC cpg.0 switchgear, associated protection and G99 schemes, plus integrated battery charger unit.
  • The second room provided for LV distribution, marshalling and metering panels, plus customer communications equipment and HVAC.

Additionally for the grid connection switchboard, Ormazabal supplied and installed ENA cpg.0 switchgear and protection for the 33kV grid connection, in accordance with UKPN schemes and specifications.

Working closely with Kirby Group Engineering to optimize all aspects of the design has helped us to provide our client with a solution that met all of their technical, delivery and project budget requirements. Thus, Ormazabal’s extensive experience of UK Power Networks connection point schemes has helped us provide support to Kirby in the whole project design, fully aligned with the requirements of the Distribution Network Operator (DNO).