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Ormazabal ensures the electricity supply in the Yucatan peninsula

La Península wind farm, located in the Mexican city of Progreso on the Yucatán peninsula, has 36 turbines of 2.5 MW each, which makes a total of 90 MW .

The Yucatan peninsula is one of the Mexican touristic areas with the lowest and most unstable power generation. This wind power plant has been an important investment for the infrastructure and improvement of the quality of life in the region, as it provides a clean and renewable energy supply of more than 300 GWh to the grid of Yucatan, avoiding the release of more than 210,000 metric tons of C02 emissions into the atmosphere.

Ormazabal has been part of this project from the moment of its conception to its commissioning, participating in its engineering, manufacturing and supply of solutions, all in record time, providing full specialised technical support and local service throughout the process.

The complete digitalised solution, proposed and delivered, includes the evacuation transformer substation of the wind farm and 36 Ormazabal mb.m type skids as power blocks for each turbine. Each of the skids consists of HCR category cgm.3 secondary switchgear with internal arc protection, ekor.wtp-110 advanced protection and control relays, an ekor.ucb uninterruptible power supply unit, a transformer designed for the wind power segment and a low voltage switchboard. Additionally, the evacuation substation of the wind farm contains 10 Ormazabal cpg.0 primary switchgear.

Complying with the demanding delivery times required by the client has been a major challenge for Ormazabal, with the start of its construction in April 2020 and its energisation in August that same year. In addition, the location of the city-port of Progreso presented an added engineering challenge in its assembly, due to the instability of the marshy terrain surrounded by lakes and swamps with dangerous fauna (alligators).

With this project, Ormazabal once again restates its leadership in the energy transition, a path already undertaken more than 50 years ago, and its continuous commitment to a technological evolution in electrical solutions, which will ensure access to clean and affordable energy for everyone (SDG 7).