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Ormazabal has consolidated itself as the top#2 offshore switchgear manufacturer in China

Ormazabal has been committed to the development of renewable energy since the 1990s. Our customized products and solutions have been supplied to protect more than 110 GW worldwide-installed renewable energy capacity, in which over 70 GW belong to wind power generation.

In 2011, we began to participate in China Wind Power Exhibition, one of the world’s top wind power industry events, promoting our products and solutions designed for wind power applications, especially our personalized medium voltage switchgear solutions for offshore wind farms. In 2007, we participated in the first utility-scale offshore wind power project that was connected to the grid in China. Up to now, we have supplied more than 6 GW to Chinese offshore wind power installations and this fact recognizes us as the top #2 offshore wind switchgear manufacturer in the country.

Ormazabal has always adhered to the exploration and technological innovation in the renewable energy field. Through the past years’ participation in the Chinese wind market, we have been working closely with all major global and local wind turbine manufacturers in the country.

Working jointly with our customers gives us the opportunity to participate in their future innovative projects, such as offshore floating wind turbines for exploring wind energy in deep sea.

We have just celebrated our 30th anniversary in China. In the past 3 decades, the company has rooted in the country and has won the trust from our customers. Looking to future, we will continue to forging ahead and further increase our investments in R&D and innovative solutions for renewable energy applications.