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Ormazabal launches its new range of cpg.0 lite switchgear for substations

Ormazabal has developed a new system of integral gas-insulated switchgears to provide a more focused response to the 24kV primary market.

Designed and tested in accordance with IEC standards, the cubicles in this family are characterised mainly by their optimised dimensions, greater respect for the environment and for being digital native.

In line with Ormazabal’s commitment to environmental sustainability, the cpg.0 lite family offers a more compact and lighter design that not only has a lower visual impact on the environment, but also optimises the use of raw materials and their transport, resulting in a reduction in CO2 emissions.  Furthermore, the environmental impacts of this equipment throughout its life cycle have been declared under the guidelines of the PEP ecopassport programme.

The cpg.0 lite cubicles are ready for the digitisation of the power grid. From their conception, they integrate intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and sensors that guarantee the automation of the grid and their own optimisation as assets.

In addition, due to the experience acquired by Ormazabal in the primary distribution market, this new development incorporates multiple evolutive improvements that simplify its installation and operation and its application in specific sectors such as mining, iron and steel or in high altitude installations.