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Ormazabal participates in a learning initiative with the students of the Business Data Analytics Degree of Mondragon University

The collaboration proposed an industrial challenge related to Ormazabal in order to reinforce the students’ knowledge through the study of real cases

The Ormazabal Analytics team, in charge of exploring the business opportunities that arise around the exploitation of data from the electricity grid, has participated in an innovative learning process with the students of the Business Data Analytics Degree at the Mondragon University. The experience, based on offering students a “learning by doing” process by applying their knowledge to practical cases in industrial companies, consisted of a challenge to be solved in eight weeks.

On the 8th June, representatives of the Ormazabal Analytics team, formed by a multi-disciplinary knowledge group (mathematics, physics, information technologies, engineering, etc.), went to the Bilbao AS Fabrik (BAF) in Zorrozaurre, where the different presentations of the solutions prepared by the students took place.

The work completed by the students consisted of showing a complete real-time acquisition process, the simulation of a consultation module of an intelligent transformer substation with the different sensors, the approach of a genetic algorithm for determining the binding of consumers, the analysis of the impact on Ormazabal’s business and, finally, the analysis of the sensitivity of the data on the basis of the RGPD.

The initiative, enriching for both parties, highlights the good work of the teaching staff of this degree, which provides companies and students with a series of innovative methodologies focused on the crucial role of industry in the economic and social fabric of the region.