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Ormazabal solution ensures reliable energy supply for food centre in Germany

German food retailer Edeka Rhein-Ruhr is investing 100 million euros in Moers-Utfort and is having a state-of-the-art local supply centre built on a 125,000 m² site. Almost 6,000 kVA of transformer power will ensure the power supply there. Our Solutions Team has put together a complete package for the medium-voltage components used in the transformer stations, including Ormazabal protection technology, which is specially tailored to the local conditions as well as the requirements of the network operator.



“Ormazabal’s accurate and timely delivery of the switchgear helped us put the project into operation as  scheduled”. Johan Koetsier, Project Manager at Ten Brinke Bau GmbH & Co. KG.


Ga/gae Switchgear – equipped with protective devices

ekor.rpa-110 and ekor.rpa-120:



MV switchgear configurable for specific projects

Technical data:

Operating voltage: 10kV

Rated current: 630A

Arc fault class: IAC AFL 20kA/1s

Auxiliary voltage: 60VDC

MV fields: 1x 2k1lsf-1m1-1lsf-1lsf, 1x 2k1lsf-1m1-1lsf-2ts-1m4 and 2x ga-1k1ts

Scope services:

ga and gae 630 switchgear with: 60VDC UPS system, overload and short-circuit protection via ekor.rpa-110, overcurrent protection and ground fault direction detection display via ekor.rpa-120


Ormazabal challenge and solution:

Four transformer stations, including two distribution stations with gae switchgear and two substations with compact ga switchgear, supply the building complex with electricity. Due to the strategic positioning of the stations on the site, several hundred metres of LV cabling could be avoided. At the request of the distribution network operator, we prepared the line feeder cubicles installed in the two central distribution stations for the use of remote control technology. For this purpose, the cable fields were motorised, and a 60VDC UPS system integrated in the relay box was used. The MV circuit breaker feeder panels were equipped with Ormazabal’s in-house protection technology, which was also configured specifically for the project according to the distribution network operator’s specifications. It was tested in advance at the factory, so additional testing at the customer’s premises was not necessary.

For the trouble-free operation of the supermarket, administration and especially the data centre, fail-safety is of great importance. Accordingly protection technology was designed so that in the event of fault occurence, only the affected section is disconnected from the grid. The fault-free outgoing feeders remain connected, which ensures the best possible supply for the entire building complex during network operation.


Key benefits to client:

  • Project-specific equipment of the switchgear
  • Configuration according to network operator requirements
  • In-house protection technology also adapted according to customer requirements