Ormazabal supplies a new port connection point for the electrical charging of gigayatchs in Barcelona

Following the first project carried out in 2014, Ormazabal has successfully completed a second connection point to the electrical system for vessels over 100 m in length. The challenge has been to adapt the 25 kV distribution network system of the utility company to the 6.6 kV medium voltage connection, complying with current technical and safety standards.

The complete solution has been supplied by Ormazabal as the sole manufacturer-integrator, covering from the design, adaptation and supply of the equipment, to its commissioning and local support.

The solution is based on standard reliable components with customization possibilities, meeting the customer’s requirements: MV cubicles, new on-load tap changer MV/MV transformer with biodegradable natural liquid dielectric, and control, protection and communication systems for on-board monitoring. All this installed in port in a metal enclosure (40′ ISO container) in accordance with the requirements of the IEEE/IEC 80005 standard.

The combination of all of the above is aligned with the objectives and policies of decarbonisation and improvement of the sustainability of this type of facilities in seaports. Ormazabal’s technology helps to dispense with the use of auxiliary engines on docked ships, thus avoiding the emission of polluting gases, toxic particles and the generation of noise or vibrations, contributing to the sustainability of port activity.