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Ormazabal’s Hydroelectric installation provides electricity to 3,700 families

Vouvry is a municipality in the district of Monthey in the canton of Valais, in Switzerland. Historically, Vouvry has wanted to be green. In 1902, the Vouvry power plant pioneered the world’s highest waterfall, 916m. The renovation of the installation, located in the surroundings of the river Fossau and the lake Taney, will provide electricity to 3,700 families.


 Ormazabal cpg.0

(SF6 gas-insulated single busbar modular GIS-type cubicle)


Electric data:

24 kV – 1250 A – 25 kA IAC AFL

Scope of supply:

17 cubicles


Ormazabal Solution:

The challenge of Romande Energies S.A engineers has been to reduce Vouvry population consumption of fossil fuels and obtain the label “Cité de l’énergie”. For this purpose, the company has expanded the installation and create a 3,700-metre-long new pipeline using a new route. Thanks to the height drop increment offered by the chosen route, the production capacity of the plant has increased from 6.4 to 6.9 million kWh per year. Ormazabal has modernized the main installation replacing AIS switchgear with GIS switchgear. The solution is composed of 17 cpg.0 single busbar cubicles which replace two groups of AIS-type cubicles that are linked together by a medium voltage cable. Ormazabal’s solution offers full isolation, reducing the maintenance of the installation and guaranteeing safety of persons and goods.

Key Benefits to client:

  • Contracting of a unique project manager.
  • Tailor made solution with short delivery deadlines.
  • Complete retrofitting with full insulation.
  • Increases energy production.
  • Integrates others relays.