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Ormazabal's state-of-the-art technology for Iberdrola in the first public hydrogen plant in Spain

  • Iberdrola’s green hydrogen plant in Barcelona will be equipped with our state-of-the-art technology

The high levels of pollution in the world’s major cities come mainly from the transport of goods and people. This results, among other things, in serious damage to the environment and important cardio-respiratory risks to public health. This is why sustainable and responsible mobility, free of fossil fuels, is key to meeting global climate change commitments.

Our strategic commitment, which focuses on participating in projects that help to build a more decarbonised and green world, has led to our collaboration in Iberdrola’s first hydrogen plant in Barcelona, which will provide hydrogen refuelling services for TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona) buses, which may be extended in the future to other potential consumers.

This is a very singular project due to the high level of digitalisation incorporated through the most advanced protection and control relays in Ormazabal’s portfolio, as well as the use of cutting edge medium voltage switchgears that incorporate sensors for all the parameters embedded in their own structure.

With this important milestone, we reaffirm our leadership in the energy transition, a path we embarked on more than 50 years ago, and our continuous strive for technological and digital evolution together with leading companies such as Iberdrola, to ensure access to clean and affordable energy for everyone (SDG 7).

The commissioning of the Zona Franca hydrogen plant, which has been completed in less than a year, will enable the creation of a green hydrogen hub in one of the country’s most important industrial areas. In addition, the installation will allow supplying the rest of the fleets and industries of the industrial estate that adopt this vector as an energy solution and it is intended to generate a tractor effect on everything related to this technology, in line with the principles of the European Hydrogen Strategy and the Hydrogen Roadmap of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

For Jorge González, CEO of Ormazabal, this project represents a new milestone in the collaboration between Ormazabal and Iberdrola for the decarbonisation of the economy that started with equipment for the distribution network, continued with a firm commitment to renewable energy generation projects and continues with our participation in the electrification of road transport through fast and ultra-fast charging in recent years. Iberdrola is a driver customer in all these areas and Ormazabal has been accompanying it for more than 50 years on this journey.

For Millán García-Tola, Iberdrola’s Global Hydrogen Director, the commissioning of this facility means that the commercialisation of green hydrogen in Spain is from today a reality thanks to the first production of this energy vector in an Iberdrola project: “Thanks to the collaboration of pioneering and forward-looking companies, we now have before us a tangible and scalable example of a clean solution for heavy mobility. Green hydrogen is the perfect complement to electrification for the global decarbonisation of the economy”.