ekor.tsa / ekor.rsa

Management unit for Ormazabal addibo low voltage board.


ekor.rsa – Advanced low-voltage remote monitoring

  • Isolation voltage MV/LV: 10 kv
  • Measurements: VR, VS, VT, VN ; 3 x Ifugas
  • Monitoring and reports
  • Communication with ekor.tsa advanced supervision circuit board
  • Communication protocol to SCADA IEC 60870-5-104 / Web Services

ekor.tsa –Advanced low-voltage monitoring card

  • Measurements: VR, VS, VT; IR, IS, IT
  • Calculation of active/reactive/apparent power, power factor and energy


  • Energy balance (technical losses, fraud detection)
  • LV quality of supply management
  • Earth leak detection

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