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The Spanish thermosolar energy reaches a new record of generation

During the first 8 months of the year the thermosolar energy has produced 4,269 GWh in Spain, a 4.1% increase compared with the last record

The Red Eléctrica Española (Spanish Electrical Grid) agency has announced the last thermosolar energy figures that show an increase in the generation of this type of energy during the first 8 months of the year in Spain. In the time between January and September Spain has produced 4,269 GWh of thermosolar energy, increasing the ratio in a 4.1% compared with the last record, registerd in 2015. This generation represents a 2.67% of the total energy generation of Spain during this period of time.

The Spanish Thermosolar Industry Promotion Agency points that during the last month of August, the thermosolar power in Spain added 745 GWh to the energy system of the European Country. This data is ahead of the historic curve. In fact, the agency also underlines that there were some generation peaks that reached the 8.72% of the total energy generated, with numerous time slots that constituted the 7% of the total amount of energy.

The same installed power than in 2013

By the other hand, is another significant aspect is that that record comes with the same installed power than in 2013. Furthermore, some of the thermosolar centrals are 10 years old or even older.

The Spanish thermosolar energy pool is made up of a 33% of storage plants, something that makes able to distribute energy even at nights, when the doomestic demand increases.