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Velatia is leading the Nautilus project

Companies such as Astilleros Murueta, Tamoin, Vicinay Marine and Tecnalia Technology Centre are participating in the Nautilus project, which is included within the “Collaboration Challenges” programme of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO)

The NAUTILUS project, led by Velatia and funded by the “Collaboration Challenges of the State Research, Development and Innovation Programme Oriented to Society Challenges”, of the Spanish Ministry for Economy and Competitiveness, aims to develop a floating structure for offshore wind energy that allows a cost reduction of power generated, as well as its open sea demonstration and subsequent marketing.

The project, which is estimated to last for the 2014-2016 period, is conducting full-scale validation tests using floating offshore platform. This platform must meet cost competitiveness criteria, as well as being able to be produced conventionally. Further proof of the innovative DNA of Velatia.

Concerning floating platforms

Designed for depths of more than 60 metres, semi-submersible floating platforms are suitable for offshore installation around the world.

Capable of accommodating 5 MW wind turbines (10 MW in the future) and with a structure designed to be produced in conventional shipyards, the platform is transported on a conventional vessel to the point of installation, where it is commissioned using traditional technology. These competitive characteristics will respond to the need to move off-shore turbines to deeper waters, where the visual and ecological impact is lower. This will provide the option to scale the power of these wind turbines to greater figures in the short and medium term.