We, along with Ingeteam, have electrified the passenger terminal at the port of Cádiz

The technological solution provided by Ormazabal, developed jointly with Ingeteam, will allow the supply of electricity to ships from the electrical grid of the Port Authority of Cádiz, without the need for their auxiliary engines to be running, thus eliminating all noise, vibrations, and emissions

The technology, called On-shore Power Supply, meets the need to electrify the docking of cruise ships

Electrifying ports is one of the major technological challenges to achieve energy and environmental efficiency in the face of growing maritime transport, as well as to transform them into green ports as required by Europe.

In response to the need to electrify ship docking to eliminate ship pollution in ports, the Port Authority of Cádiz and the company Endesa X have relied on Ormazabal, with the collaboration of Ingeteam, a company specialized in energy conversion, to ensure the medium-voltage electrical supply of ships docking at the cruise terminal of Alfonso XII dock in the Port of Cádiz, one of the country’s main port infrastructures.

To achieve this, Endesa X has implemented a comprehensive project, hand in hand with Ormazabal and Ingeteam, considering the necessary service phases to complete it with highly personalized supply solutions, including both energy supply and control and protection of port-ship interconnections.

These solutions, called On-shore Power Supply, allow the supply of electricity to ships from the port’s electrical grid without the need for the ships to keep their auxiliary engines running to produce it, thus eliminating all noise, vibrations, and harmful pollutant gases for the population centers closest to these infrastructures.

Thus, Endesa X and its network of specialists in the electrical grid offer a solution with a high level of integration that improves the overall quality of the product, reduces commissioning times, increases simplicity and maintenance of the connection, thus avoiding installation errors in the field, and ensures the system operates according to the most demanding quality levels.

The OPS Solution, On-shore Power Supply

The technical solution, led by Ormazabal and developed jointly with Ingeteam, is based on an installation of 2 x 8 MVA – using medium-voltage switchgears, transformers, and frequency converters – to offer up to 16 MVA and a single connection point with the possibility of future expansion to up to 24 MVA and two simultaneous supplies. A system that will be connected to a grid distribution center, and in the future, through a direct connection to a substation, and that will also allow establishing the operating frequency of the docked ship at 50 or 60 Hz.

What is an OPS (On-shore Power Supply). Source: Ormazabal.

Electricity supply is guaranteed thanks to two transformers prepared to withstand the demanding weather conditions of the port. These types of installations allow for standardization of the connection, as well as a 25% increase in energy transfer.