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We complete our range of F-gas-free switchgears for the electrical grid up to 24 kV

The 24 kV switchgear range completes Ormazabal’s F-gas-free product portfolio, facilitating the sustainable transition of the grid and the integration of renewables

These solutions are designed for primary and secondary electrical distribution, playing a crucial role in the wind energy sector, where Ormazabal boasts over 30 years of experience and more than 100 GW of connected power to the grid

Wind Europe 2024 – the most significant wind energy event in Europe, taking place in Bilbao this year – has provided the stage for Ormazabal to unveil our two new ranges of F-gas-free switchgears for 24 kV electrical distribution grids: cgm.zero24 and sbp.zero24. These ranges, aimed at transforming and enhancing the sustainability of the electrical grid, have been developed using industrial natural air: manufactured in a controlled and tested manner, solely with components from the air, commercially accessible, and free of patents.

These products enable electrical grid operators to maintain the same safety, reliability, and performance as with current SF6 equipment, reducing environmental impact and complying with the new European fluorinated gas regulation in line with climate neutrality objectives. This achievement is possible because Ormazabal has maintained, after more than 10 years of continuous research, the design parameters, operation, and maintenance of existing equipment with proven experience for over 30 years, making it one of the most comprehensive solutions in the market at all levels.

The F-gas-free switchgear range for 24 kV enters the market months after the global unveiling of our first fluorinated gas-free technological solutions, which took place last June during CIRED in Rome and received an excellent reception from the sector, supporting their “route to zero” towards a scenario of entirely F-gas-free products.

This launch aligns with our strong commitment to European climate neutrality goals and public welfare, promoting the electrification of society. These challenges are part of their DNA, and they actively collaborate through the digitalization of the electrical grid, facilitating the connection of electric mobility, storage, and renewable energy infrastructures.

Ormazabal and the wind energy sector

Ormazabal’s experience in the wind energy sector, protecting and connecting over 100 GW of wind farms with its solutions, dates back more than 30 years, making it a supplier backed by the top five turbine manufacturers globally.

As a result, we connect one out of every four offshore turbines installed in Europe to the electrical grid and is present in wind projects of all kinds in more than 50 countries around the world.