Data Center TIER IV in Madrid

Alcobendas, Madrid, España. September 2023

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We design advanced solutions for Data Centre maximum reliability

In today’s digital age and with the increasing reliance on technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and large-scale data processing, data centres emerge as indispensable critical infrastructures. These hubs not only support global connectivity, but also power technological innovation and play a fundamental role in society’s continued evolution towards an increasingly interconnected future.

This data centre, which has been classified as TIER 4, has a total installed power of 31.50 MW and will be built in two phases of 15.75 MW each

Ormazabal solution:

The solution proposed by us involves, on the one hand, the supply of 4 fully digitalised medium voltage distribution centres to distribute the loads between the two different connection lines of the distribution company or the diesel generation plant in case of emergency. On the other hand, 10 medium-voltage to low-voltage transformer substations are included, in order to supply the IT equipment and servers distributed throughout the building.

In the distribution centres or ‘Main MV Board’, the solution is comprised of IAC AFL-rated, fully gas-insulated switchgear in the L-Rb-2V-5V configuration. These cells feature presence-absence voltage detectors, integrated remote control and battery-backed communications. In addition to the above, the output cubicle group supplying the critical loads is equipped with advanced multi-function protection relays. These centres are where the power transfer between the grid and the emergency generation plant takes place.

On the other hand, the solution for the 10 transformer substations, called ‘Transformer Substation’, consists of 2LV groups with local Track 1 – Track 2 transfer automatism. This provides fault tolerance at the substation level, as the automatism operates autonomously even in the event of a communications failure, ensuring that the loads are always connected to the supply line, Track 1 or Track 2, which is energised at any given moment. The solution consists of line cubicles with integrated communications fault detector, and vacuum circuit breaker cubicles with integral gas isolation, equipped with multifunction protection relay. The entire automation system is coordinated by an Ormazabal RTU backed up by batteries. It is worth mentioning that, as in the ‘Main MV Board’, the cubicles are IAC AFL rated.

Ormazabal challenge:

With total fault tolerance being the main requirement of a data centre with the highest TIER classification, the close collaboration from the early stages of the project between us and the customer has proven to be key in the design of a solution that not only contributes to this classification, but also provides additional levels of redundancy.

Cells from the cgmcosmos family, as well as electronic IEDs from the ekorsys family, together with careful design of the internal MV power network, have proven to be key in helping our customer in their goal of ensuring full availability of the infrastructure with the highest degree of fault tolerance.

The calibrated and tested solutions we deliver contribute to shorter commissioning times than other solutions that require field installation and calibration. This allows for faster deployment of new data centres, a differentiating factor in today’s global market.

Key benefits to client:

  • We are a global partner in all phases of the project, from design to commissioning.
  • Robust solutions tested from the outset, helping to reduce deployment times.
  • Flexible solutions, fully adaptable to customer needs.