We emerged as winners of the international edition of the Quality Innovation Award 2023

Ormazabal winner of the Quality Innovation Award 2023

Ormazabal’s innovative, SF6-free comprehensive insulation technological solutions for medium voltage received international recognition in the Circular Economy category

The International Quality Innovation Award 2023 ceremony is scheduled for April 10th in Zhuhai, China, where our technological solutions for medium voltage insulation were honored for their innovative development in the Circular Economy category. This accolade follows our recent achievement of the Quality Innovation Award Euskadi by Euskalit in December 2023, the Euskalit Gold Award in 2017, and the Advanced Innovation Management Award in 2019, affirming our commitment to R&D strategy, with over 4% of our annual turnover invested in the pursuit of clean technologies for economic decarbonization.

Moreover, this new award underscores the positive reception of our new generation of SF6-free comprehensive insulation technological solutions for primary and secondary distribution. A native digital solution developed with industrial natural air, featuring zero changes in design, operation, and maintenance parameters to ensure zero uncertainties in the environment, health, safety, and reliability.

Five other Basque entities have also been awarded alongside Ormazabal, with two additional organizations being finalists in the award ceremony. They competed among 562 organizations from the other 14 participating countries, securing 6 out of the 24 recognitions. Congratulations to all the awardees.

About the Quality Innovation Award

This competition, in collaboration with EUSKALIT since 2015, aims to enhance the competitiveness of organizations and participating countries through two phases: local and international. In the local phase, a team of 30 members from the EUSKALIT Advanced Management Evaluation Club evaluated over 40 candidates, and experts in innovation identified by UNIBASQ, the Quality Agency of the Basque University System, assisted in selecting the finalists for each category. Finally, a jury comprising representatives from organizations in the EUSKALIT, Innobasque, and IHOBE boards chose the winning candidates in the Basque phase.

This award originated in Finland to stimulate the emergence and development of product, process, and organizational innovations, involving countries such as Spain (through CEX and EUSKALIT in the Basque Country), Sweden, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Serbia, China, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, and several countries in Southern Africa. Currently, China holds the presidency, and Euskadi, through EUSKALIT, participates in the advisory committee.