It is 20 years since we supplied our solutions to the first large-scale offshore wind farm in the world

Horns Rev 1, located off the west coast of Denmark, has 80 turbines equipped with Ormazabal switchgears

The world’s first large-scale offshore wind farm, Horns Rev 1 – located off the west coast of the North Sea in Denmark – has been generating green energy for 20 years since its commissioning in 2003. This marked the first time that a large wind farm was placed on the sea to generate renewable electricity on a large scale; and it did so thanks to 80 turbines that, with the generation technology of the time, combined an installed capacity of 160 MW.

A milestone at the time that we also celebrate today at Ormazabal. During these 20 years, the installed wind turbines have been connected to the electrical grid thanks to the fundamental work of the Ormazabal switchgears, protected against overcurrents by our protection and control systems. These switchgears have been providing service for 20 years to ensure that the energy generated is safely exported to the region’s power grid.

Do you know our solutions for green generation projects?

At Ormazabal we develop electrical solutions that meet the specific needs of this type of plants, whatever their location and size, with fully integrated and tested equipment, in which we adapt our protection and control systems, according to the grid conditions required by the system operator.

That is why we design with you the solution that guarantees the perfect integration of your renewable generation and storage project into the medium voltage power grid.

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