We keep in progress with the SEC2GRID project to ensure the cybersecurity of Smart Grids

The project, funded by the Basque Government and the European Union, has an outstanding network of public and private partners


The profound change in the energy model and the imperative need to decarbonize our economy have brought about a revolution in our electricity grid, which is adapting its technology at all levels. As a result, the digitalization of the power grid has become a fundamental pillar for the flexible control of distributed generation systems; which also entails a need for the securitization of its security systems.

As such, Ormazabal participates in the SEC2GRID project, together with a large group of public agents, associations and companies such as the Basque Government, Ikerlan, GAIA, Iberdrola -through the Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub-, Arteche, Ingeteam, ZIV or Zigor. This project, funded by the Basque Government through the Hazitek program, aims to bring together knowledge and technologies to address the challenge of shielding the cybersecurity of Smart Grids.

Which are the main goals?

Ormazabal, together with its partners, aims to generate new knowledge that will enable innovation in disruptive technologies and solutions to address the cybersecurity challenges of the electricity sector, in the following areas:

  • Advanced cybersecurity status self-assessment algorithms.
  • Unified cybersecurity threat information model.
  • Unified information model for command and control updates.

Do you want to know more about this project? César Tascón and Gonzalo Gómez-Abad, from PWC, explain it in an article published in the latest issue of SIC magazine. Click HERE to access the original content (Page 105).


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