We launch our new corporate identity

Adapting ourselves to the changes in our society, we have a new image that is more modern and closer to our objectives.

At Ormazabal we continue evolving in order to adapt to the reality of our environment, just as we have done for the last 55 years. Faithful to our innovative character, we are launching a new identity with which we will lead the technological evolution of electrical network, enabling the energy transition demanded by our society. Thus, the new Ormazabal brand image is born today, and additionally, a new, more interactive and functional website.

From today, we show a more electric, more human and more digital face of Ormazabal; reflecting our way of doing things and reinforcing our essence. A new image that brings us closer to our reality and allows us to continue being an expert, close, transforming, flexible company committed to its clients and society. A common project based on the know-how of more than 2,800 professionals.

Today we are embarking on a new phase with which we are redoubling our drive to decarbonise and digitalise the electrical network. We are the new Ormazabal.