News, SF6-free

We launch our revolutionary technological solutions for a SF6-free future.

After years of experimentation and subsequent validation with the main players in the electricity market, we are proud to present our SF6-free innovations for 24 kV public distribution networks.

At Ormazabal we are stepping on the accelerator in our “route to zero” with the launch of our SF6-free technological solutions for the public distribution market. On the occasion of CIRED 2023 (International Conference of Electricity Distribution), and after more than 10 years of development and research, we present sbp.zero24 and cgm.zero24, the two innovations for primary and secondary distribution, which leave SF6 gas behind to face a future free of fluorinated gases.

Thus, thanks to the innovation and know-how of more than 55 years of experience in the integration of electrical networks, we welcome new digital native developments, which base the electrical insulation on industrial natural air: manufactured in a controlled and tested way, only with air components and commercially available and free of patents.

Intended for the 24 kV public distribution market, our new solutions enable distribution network operators to maintain the same safety, reliability and performance as with existing SF6 equipment, while reducing environmental impact. This has been achieved by keeping the design, operation and maintenance parameters the same as the equipment that has been installed in the electrical grid for more than 30 years.

This launch is aligned with our commitment to the European objectives of climate neutrality and the well-being of the population, promoting the electrification of our society. Challenges that are part of our DNA and in which we actively collaborate through the digitization of the electric grid that facilitates the connection of electric mobility, storage and renewable energy infrastructures.

Know our SF6-free technological solutions: