We participate in the connection to the grid of the DemoSATH floating offshore wind turbine project

The pioneering experimental platform developed by Saitec Offshore Technologies, located off the coast of Bizkaia and with a 2 MW capacity, will serve as a test bench for a new type of platform for offshore wind energy in deep coastal waters

The coast of Bizkaia has witnessed the successful installation of the DemoSATH floating offshore wind turbine, developed by Saitec Offshore engineering in collaboration with Germany’s RWE Offshore Wind and Japan’s The Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc. This marks a milestone in the implementation of a new type of platform, using SATH technology, for offshore wind turbines in deep coastal waters. The prototype was anchored at a depth of 85 meters last August in the BiMEP test area, 2 miles from Armintza, Bizkaia, and will generate 2 MW of renewable energy. At Ormazabal, we have collaborated by providing our protection and distribution solutions, crucial for supplying the energy equivalent to the needs of 2,000 Spanish households per year.

To achieve this, in close collaboration with Saitec, we conducted an engineering study and installed a turnkey comprehensive solution consisting of a set of cgmcosmos distribution switchgears with an HC system, accompanied by a line switchgear with an automatic switch and a compact measurement module. This entire system is protected by a self-powered protection, control, and measurement unit ekor.wtp-210 with a voltage sensing recloser, which protects the electrical installation of the wind turbine.

Our solutions for DemoSATH floating offshore wind turbine project
Our solutions for DemoSATH floating offshore wind turbine project

About DemoSATH, the floating offshore wind turbine project

This floating structure, with its innovative single point mooring anchoring system consisting of six hybrid chain and fiber lines, has been the successful result of years of research and experience by the alliance formed between Saitec Offshore Technologies, RWE Offshore Wind, and Kansai Electric Power. This alliance has received institutional support from the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and the Basque Government, and has involved the participation of various companies in the industrial and technological ecosystem, including Ormazabal.

With the installation and connection of DemoSATH, an operational phase will begin, generating electricity and collecting valuable information about the behavior of the SATH platform. The floating wind platform has been designed and equipped to harness the power of the wind in deep coastal waters and convert it into clean and renewable energy. This pioneering technology has great potential to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the renewable energy goals of Spain and other countries around the world.