We participated in the "Flexibility in Smart Grids" event as the culmination of the FLEXIGRID Project

The event brought together around fifty experts and consortium partners in Zaragoza, featuring Ormazabal as an expert speaker in smart electrical grids

Jon Aguirre, Ormazabal, participa en el evento de cierre de FLEXIGRID

After four years of collaborative work with the common goal of improving the flexibility, reliability, and efficiency of electrical grids, FLEXIGRID, the European consortium of experts in smart electrical grids, marked the end of its journey with an event held in Zaragoza on September 28th. Ormazabal, an active partner in this European initiative from its inception, was represented. Jon Aguirre, the Technical Director of Ormazabal’s Smart Grids division, took part in discussions among equipment and electrical solutions manufacturers to share their insights on the future and needs of electrical grids.

Flexibility in Smart Grids: Interoperable Solutions for the Grids of the Future” gathered over 50 industry experts from electric distribution companies, grid operators, electrical equipment manufacturers, and various sector associations. Samuel Borroy, the director of the Smart Grids team at the CIRCE Technological Center, opened the event, followed by various project leaders who presented different success stories from Spain, Greece, Croatia, and Italy.

During the discussion, Jon Aguirre and other participants exchanged perspectives on the various challenges and opportunities presented by the monitoring and control of medium and low-voltage electrical grids. In addition, the panel delved into the paradigm shift resulting from the penetration of small and medium-scale distributed energy sources into the distribution network, emphasizing the technological knowledge required to analyze and control their contribution, mitigating the inherent intermittency and variability of such small-scale energy sources. This panel discussion was moderated by Laura Giménez (CIRCE) and featured the presence of Roberto Cimadevilla (ZIV), Giacomo Della Croce (Selta-DP), and Juan María García (Ingeteam).

With this event, FLEXIGRID concludes a successful collaboration under the auspices of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program, paving the way for a more resilient, adaptable, and sustainable energy future. “The innovations and knowledge gained through this project will continue to shape the evolution of distribution grids, providing consumers with a reliable and efficient source of electricity, even as the energy landscape undergoes transformative changes,” states the note published by the association on the occasion of the event.

Evento de cierre FLEXIGRID, en Zaragoza


FLEXIGRID is a project funded by the European Union through the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program and involves the presence of the most relevant European actors in the field of electrical grids, integrating network operators, electrical distribution companies, electrical equipment manufacturers, and various associations.

  • Technological centers: CIRCE and LINKS
  • Universities: UNICAN and UNIZG-FER
  • Technological manufacturers: ATOS, ORMAZABAL, ZIV, MOH, and MAKRYAMMOS
  • Small and medium-sized companies: HYPERTECH and SELTA DP
  • Distributors: VIESGO EDP, HEP-ODS, and EDYNA
  • Associations: CAPENERGIES