We supply equipment for the X30 offshore wind turbine prototype by X1 WIND


The prototype is an innovative model located at the PLOCAN open-water research test site in the Canary Islands

The X1 WIND offshore wind turbine X30 has successfully completed its testing period at the PLOCAN open-water research site in the Canary Islands, Spain. This new system, which is scaled at 1:3 compared to the X90 model, has been undergoing verification tests since its installation in October 2022 in waters at a depth of 50 meters and has now been dismantled following successful viability checks.

The project originated within the European Commission’s H2020 program with the aim of reducing the high cost of energy and its environmental impact. To achieve this, the Vestas V29 turbine (modified for downwind operation) has been mounted on an innovative mooring platform that combines the advantages of Single Point Mooring (SPM) systems with Tension Leg Platform (TLP) systems. This allows for installation in deeper waters to minimize the footprint and impact on the seabed.

This prototype is the result of a consortium led by X1 Wind in collaboration with experienced industrial partners such as EDP, DNV, INTECSEA, ESM, and DEGIMA, as well as cutting-edge research centers such as PLOCAN, DTU, and WavEC. Within this network of collaborators, Ormazabal has supplied switchgears and a transformer, adapted to the compact dimensions of the platform, to ensure the supply of generated energy through the underwater electrical grid and the protection of X30’s generation equipment.

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