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Westfalen Weser's local network stations equipped with intelligent remote control and fault location

Analysing electrical characteristics and error messages as well as analysing the corresponding (remote) control of the switchgear is efficient and provides network operators with maximum safety. The distribution network operator Westfalen Weser is also working towards a high degree of automation in its approximately 7,500 local network stations. With this goal in mind, Westfalen Weser’s innovation management initiated a pilot project for the deployment of a remotely controllable local network station. Ormazabal supplied the medium-voltage switchgear and individually configured its secondary equipment.

The secondary equipment includes motor control and measurement technology, a remote control system, a UPS system, the network gateway, a closed protected ISMS area (Information Security Management System) as well as current and voltage sensors from Horstmann. The task was to integrate the entire technology into the system while maintaining the specified installation height of 1,350 mm. While Westfalen Weser provided the template for the pilot system, Ormazabal created a technical concept based on it, which was continuously refined and optimized – down to the smallest detail, for example the positioning of the switches.

The pilot system was delivered in summer 2020 and put into operation under Ormazabal’s supervision. “The station works perfectly, we are very satisfied with the quality,” says a pleased Timo Busse, Innovation Manager Intelligent Network Technology at Westfalen Weser. After the successful debut, 28 more stations are now going online, produced by Ormazabal and equipped with remote control technology. “Ormazabal is very experienced in the production of medium-voltage switchgear and works in an absolutely solution-oriented manner. The company makes variations from the standard possible for grid operators like us and responds individually to our requirements,” concludes Timo Busse.