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What´s a synchrophasor? Discover the technology is bringing the electrical grid into the 21st century

Synchrophasor, a word that may sound like if we were involved in “Back to the Future” movie, is not a science fiction product but a device that is changing the electrical sector

The electrical sector is living a revolution called synchrophasor. This device, that is changing the grid as we actually know it, can measure the instantaneous voltage, current and frequency at specific locations on the grid, a revolutionary method that will change the way that this grid works. A crucial step to reach the smart grid concept.

What is useful for?

Well, now we´ve discovered this new device, we have to keep on searching to know its main utility. Synchrophasor has changed the way we can check the status of the grid, but why? Basically operators have a near-real-time picture of what is currently happening on the grid by consulting, instantaleously, the voltage, current and frequency at specifics locations on the grid. This means that a operator can check how a grid is working in an specific moment, something that gives an add value to the analysed network.
Nowadays the grid is constantly changing to get adapted to the new energy production methods, like renewable energy. This make the grid a very complex  network that can´t be analysed with traditional methods, the main reason why synchrophasors are appering as a nice solution for this technical problem. Synchrophasors respond to a concrete problem with innovation, something why some experts think that this devices are one of the most effective technologies to boost and implement the smart grid at the transmition level.
Do you want to know how it works exactly? Take a look to this video: