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Young talents come together at Ormazabal's first Host Event

The event brought together around 30 people, including Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students from different engineering specialities, as well as recently graduated engineers, and provided an opportunity to showcase the potential for professional development in the company and the electrical sector.

On October 7th, Ormazabal held the first edition of the Ormazabal Host Event at the Itsasmuseum-Museo Marítimo de Bilbao. An event to raise awareness of our company among young talent. Around thirty Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students from different engineering specialities, and recently graduated engineers, took part in the session, where they were also able to listen first-hand to the testimonies of several colleagues who are growing professionally in the company.

The students discovered more about what Ormazabal is dedicated to through our CEO, Jorge González, who participated in the event to explain the major challenges that the company is tackling. Challenges such as the decarbonisation of the energy, the deployment of the electrical mobility, the development of renewable energies and the smartisation of the grid, which are key to the sustainable development of society and which make Ormazabal a driver of professional development opportunities within the energy revolution.

During the event, several of the company’s young colleagues explained their professional and personal experiences in the company, offering their vision of how being part of Ormazabal has contributed to their development and learning. This also served to clarify the doubts of the attendees, who had the opportunity to have a relaxed chat with them during the coffee break and at the end of the event.

The participatory nature of the event had a surprise in store for the students, who took part in a team challenge in which they worked together to find solutions to a practical case study. Each team presented their solutions to the rest of participants; the best ideas were then rewarded with gifts for the winners.

Here we can cite our young talents:

  • Maider Bilbao
  • Daniel Astigarraga
  • Irune Ibero
  • Jose Juan Elum
  • Jack Wang
  • ​Alena Ulasenka