Ormazabal designs and supplies transformer substation as complete solution for a gas power plant

The “heating plant” in Freital, Saxony, supplies electricity to 6,000 German households. Where previously 12 boilers provided the thermal energy for an adjacent housing estate, now two ultra-modern combined heat and power plants will produce low-emission electrical energy. From Ormazabal, we have supplied a transformer station as a ready-to-connect complete solution to enable this energy to be fed into the public grid. From the engineering to the organisation of the delivery of the solution, everything has been done by a single source for our client, the electrical utility Freitaler Stadtwerke (FSW).

The transformer substation has an area of 3.3 by 8.5 metres. It has a transformer with a capacity of 3,150 kVA, which raises the voltage from 10 kV to the 20 kV of Freitaler Stadtwerke’s medium-voltage network. The transformer substation also includes a transformer for auxiliary services, a low-voltage board and two remote control lines with their corresponding meter cabinets.

Ormazabal’s ga-gae cubicles are customised according to client specifications. These panels have integrated intelligent electronic protection and control devices, which meet the requirements of the distribution grid operator and ensure an efficient management of the power generation plant: load decoupling, undesired grid configurations, real time fault detection… Thanks to this built-in intelligent technology, the operator will be able to detect failures in real time and react more quickly from distance.