Nos succès, Smart & digital grids

Ormazabal supplies a first prefabricated substation to Avangrid. Compact size, automated and fully tested solution.

The Compact Substation project is the integration of a prefabricated concrete enclosure with fully automated CGM.3 and CGM.800 switchgears, all compliant with IEEE standards. The project was designed and developped together with LaBella engineering group and the equipment integration was performed at Uniblok factory.

This is the first Compact Substation being supplied to a client in the USA, fully compliant with IEEE standards. It includes our concrete enclosures with integrated switchgears and the protection and automation equipment. Tested from the factor, ready for plug & play.

It is a new line of business. We expect this new product range being supplied to this client in the following years. Hopefully, this will allow us to have similar projects with other clients.

As already mentioned, the solution is fully compliant with IEEE standards, which are totally different to IEC standards (most common for Europe). It is supplied to the client fully integrated and tested from the factory. Once delivered at site, it can be directly placed on its final location, minimizing the need of additional works to be performed on-site. Power cables can be connected and it is ready for operation.

We have a long relationship with Avangrid. This project allows Avangrid to count with another tool to develop their smart network. It also allows us to broaden the solutions we can supply. This is a win-win collaboration.

This pilot project will allow Avangrid to speed up their project execution capability and provide them with another tool for renewing and advance in the development of their Smart network. That will enhance the safety, reliability and maintenaibility of their network.

This is a pilot project that allowed them to test the feasibility of the solutions. We expect an agreement to be developed based on this first project. It was key the collaboration between the US Region technical department with the factories. The effort made to develop this challenging project has been huge.

The succesfull execution of the project would have not been possible without the collaboration of Ormazabal together with a local and reference Engineering firm like LaBella Associates DPC.

“We’re excited to get the Station 208 modernization project underway, which will increase reliability for the roughly 700 customers,” said Mike Craven, Vice President of Electric Operations at RG&E. “We take the responsibility of providing our customers with safe and reliable service very seriously and are continually evaluating our system. Station 208 was identified for upgrades because some of its current equipment dates back to the 1950s.”

3 – 34.5 kV – 600 A / cgm.800 – 12.5 kV – 800 A with IEEE marking


  • Protection and Automation IED’s from SEL. Communications implemented in IEC61850 protocol
  • Metering VT’s and CTs with x/5 A ratio from Arteche
  • Enclosures with HVAC and heating system, AC & DC panelboards and circuits and auxiliary services in all buildings:
    • 200 Ah backup battery system from AEGPS

“When evaluating and planning a project, we always look for the best solution for our customers,” Craven said. “The pre-fabricated indoor substation is cost-effective and ensures the substation is upgraded as soon as possible for our customers. We expect to use this “plug and play” technology more and more across our service areas when appropriate.”

Ormazabal solution:

This solution encompasses 3 enclosures in total: a Power House of 34.5 kV (cgm.3 switchgears), a Power House of 12.5 kV (cgm.800 switchgears) and a Control House. These enclosures protect the high and low voltage sides of a 14 MVA station, supplying electricity to 600 clients. Both Power Houses include the required switchgears, protection and automation relays from SEL and CT/VT metering equipment from Arteche. The enclosures are standalone, meaning they are already prepared from origin to withstand the different enviromental conditions, consequently, they include HVAC and heaters to control the room temperature. The Control House includes a battery and charger system to supply the substation in case of an emergency situation. It also comprises the remote terminal unit into a SCADA cabinet for automatization control as well as local substation control by means of a computerized HMI unit.

Ormazabal challenge:

It was a challenge to comply with all the specifications of the client. Our purchase platform required to be enlarged to get the products from new suppliers compliant with those standards. Additionally, the prefabricated enclosures are totally different to the standard our factory Uniblok is used to integrate

This project highlights Ormazabal’s capability to customize and integrate our products, providing unique solutions for our clients. This Compact Substation will allow our client to speed up the construction phase of the projects ,as well as to effectively tackle the automatization process of their network.

The main challenge for our client is to speed up in an efficient way the execution of the projects.

The Compact Substation solution allows our client to reduce the execution times through:

  • Complete Integration at origin for all the equipment of the substation
  • Complete testing of the solution before departure from factory. Saving costs and time at site
  • Minimal civil works required to install the foundation of the buildings.A simple concrete sand base is enough. The buildings are offloaded directly from the delivery truck into its final position
  • Allows the client to expedite the automatization process of its network. This solutions is fully automatized and remote controlled.
  • The buildings are safe and comply to protect the operators against any event of internal arc fault that may arise in the interior
  • This project allows Avangrid to count with another tool to develop their smart network.This will enhance the safety, reliability and maintenaibility of their network thorugh enhanced and remote control of the substations

Key benefits to client:

  • Project execution speed up time. The delivery at site of a complete solution, tested and with minimal civil work required at site.
  • Network automatization, enhancing the safety, reliability and maintenability of the substations