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We install our solutions in Shanghai Electric's 300MW Sujiaokong offshore wind power Project

Rudong H5# offshore wind power project is located in the Rudong sea area of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, the offshore distance of the site center is 48km, the planned sea area is 48km², the total installed capacity planned is 300MW, the project is supported by the construction of a 220kV offshore rising pressure station and an onshore centralized control center, a total of 75 Shanghai Electric SWT146-4.0 wind turbines are installed, which is the heaviest offshore rising pressure station, the longest submarine cable routing and the largest reactive power overvoltage compensation capacity among the offshore wind farms that have been put into operation in China.

Shanghai Electric – Founded in 2006, its business involves intelligent design and manufacturing of wind turbines, intelligent operation and maintenance of wind farms, wind resource evaluation, digital wind farm investment and development, intelligent management of wind farm assets, smart energy, etc., and currently achieves full coverage of 1.25MW-8MW+ wind turbines. Annual sales of 10 billion+ & offshore wind market share>55% & cumulative installed capacity of 11GW+

Ormazabal challenge and solution:

Ormazabal’s technical and sales engineers have always been in close contact with customers in the early stage, and after understanding the use scenarios and relevant parameters of wind farms, they have formulated 4 kinds of CGM.3 cubicle (cgm.3-rb, cgm.3-v, cgm.3-l, with protection- ekor.rpg201) connection schemes according to different applications; RBV, RBLV, LLV, LLLV and provided customers with a total of 75 sets of medium-voltage combined cubicles to escort the stable operation of offshore wind turbines.

In the process of project implementation, after the delivery of part of the switchgears, the customer additionally proposed to add the function of light button and live locking grounding switch, Ormazabal engineers responded to customer’s needs quickly, formulated a plan and went to the site in time for rectification, and the undelivered ones were produced in accordance with the new requirements and submitted a satisfactory answer sheet for the customer.

In the face of the harsh and ever-changing offshore environment, Ormazabal provides customers with customized solutions, all products are strictly factory inspected to cope with the harsh use environment at sea.

Maintain close communication with the customers, determine the best solution through the fan location to ensure that the on-site installation is carried out in an orderly manner and maximize the efficiency of the on-site installation.

Key benefits to clients:

  • Over 30 years of experience serving the renewable energy industry;
  • Product plug and play: complete on-site installation and commissioning in the shortest time;
  • 100% factory inspection to ensure reliable operation of products;
  • After the project is connected to the grid at full capacity, the annual power generation will reach 940 million kWh, which can save 290,000 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 720,000 tons per year, which can effectively relieve the pressure on power supply, help low-carbon emission reduction and green life, and contribute to the realization of the strategic goal of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”.

Involved products: