Ormazabal connects more than 24 GW in the year that consolidates as the year of the solar sector's largest contribution to the global energy mix

2021 beats the previous year’s record of 145 GW (according to data from the International Energy Agency, IEA) and consolidates as the year with the highest contribution of the solar sector to the global energy mix to date. From Ormazabal we have contributed to this milestone by providing customised solutions that have connected more than 24 GW of photovoltaic capacity, which means for us an increase of 67% compared to 2020.

At Ormazabal, we are working on the deployment of smartisation in this segment, which enables better asset management and improves the capacity of predictive maintenance policies for installations. As a result, operating costs are optimised, equipment availability is increased and energy production is maximised.

In other words, our solutions help minimise the LCOE, the levelised cost of energy, which is the key factor in any renewable energy project. To this end, we rely on continuous research and development of digital native solutions, thus accelerating the energy transition through the electrification of the economy.

Continuous improvement is one of the basic pillars of our DNA. At Ormazabal, we are strongly focused on innovation, commitment and proximity to our customers. Our experience of more than 20 years in the photovoltaic sector has led us to create more efficient and reliable solutions, reaching by 2021 an accumulated total of 60 GW of photovoltaic solar energy fed into the grid thanks to these solutions.