Barcelona, Spain, 2020

Casos de sucesso, Green mobility

Ormazabal meets techinical and safety standards for Giga-Yachts Shore Connection

Ormazabal, following on from its first connection point in 2014, has successfully implemented a second connection point to the shore power system for boats over 100 m long. Connection is made in medium voltage (6.6 kV), while the utility company’s distribution network is 25 kV. The challenge is to adapt the two systems to meet current technical and safety standards.


Ormacontainer Solution


Solution based on reliable standard components combined with the value of customisation in line with customer requirements

  • Shore Power / Cold Ironing / HVSC solution.
  • According to Standard IEEE/IEC 80005 High-voltage shore connection.
  • Includes: MV cubicles, MV/MV transformer, Auxiliary Services, Protection, Control, Measurement and Communications Systems.
  • Organic 3 MVA transformer using natural biodegradable liquid dielectric ester,
    with high resistance to fire (equivalent to dry transformer)
    and adjustable load.
  • Earthing of the interconnection to the boat through a resistor with a
    continuous earth connection monitoring system,
    according to IEEE/IEC 80005.


Ormazabal challenge and solution:

Seaports are a clear target for policies aimed at decarbonisation and improved sustainability of facilities. In this case we have taken the opportunity to dispense with the auxiliary engines while the boats are docked, thus avoiding the emission of thousands of tons of polluting gases and particles, as well as noise and vibrations.

Achieving this requires the combination of a range of electrical, power, control and protection components, in accordance with stringent Standard IEEE/IEC 80005 and other international or local requirements.

All these components (switchgear, transformer, protection and control systems, and sensors) are fully integrated in a single enclosure on shore (based on a 40′ ISO container), and monitored from on board through state-of-the-art digital communications and control systems.


Key Benefits to client:

  • Complete solution from a single manufacturer-integrator.
  • Based on standard components (robustness, reliability, support) while also 100% customised.
  • Innovative Organic transformer, which provides the robustness and environmental insensitivity of liquid dielectric transformers while achieving the same fire protection requirements as a dry transformer (acc. RAT-2014), along with biodegradability for total peace of mind in the event of accidental spillage and combined with load tap changer (IEEE/IEC 80005 requirement).
  • Our scope covers not only design, adaptation and delivery, but also commissioning and local support.