Beroun, República Checa, 2019

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Ormazabal’s local and remote control solution: A transformer substation for electric vehicle HPC station

Within the deployment of the 400 HPC (High Power Charging) stations throughout Europe that IONITY is undertaking, this site near Prague has been decided to be the one where IONITY will test new features at the required transformer substation that would help them remotely monitoring its status. Therefore, the facility’s on-site maintenance requirements could be significantly reduced.



Product features: Remote monitoring and maintenance Electromobility

Technical data: 24 kV – 630 A – 20 kA

Scope of delivery: Prefabricated kiosk type enclosure gae 630-1k-/3/, -1m2-/8.5/, 1ts-/4/
1,000 kVA transformer
4 x 630 A ACBs
Remote monitoring equipment (ekor.mve)



Ormazabal challenge and solution:

In order to extend their HPC facilities remote monitoring features from the HP chargers to the supply of electricity equipment, IONITY requested Ormazabal to provide them with a first transformer station equipped with all the devices, integrated and tested from factory, necessary to do so.

The Ormazabal solution allows IONITY to check the status and set alarms of the different equipment (transformer, LVB, MV cubicles) and even to warn IONITY’s personnel at their Munich headquarters, or anywhere else, if there is an intruder into the transformer substation building. It will provide IONITY with a remote diagnostic option to handle faults.

The project was supported through all its phases – including planning, consultation, testing, and finally commissioning – by the Ormazabal Solutions Team.

Ormazabal used the ekor.mve, a protection, control and measuring relay with current and voltage sensors for local and remote control, as the basis of the customised solution. Starting since the commissioning of the station, the status of the input and output MV panels, the current, voltage, power or energy values, the position of the LV circuit breakers… can be checked and controlled remotely at any time during maintenance or to detect and rectify any irregularities that may occur.

Key Benefits:

  • Customised solution
  • Remote monitoring allowing improved maintenance
  • Advice throughout all project phases