A safer A86 motorway for the municipality of Antony in France

Along with the Boulevard Périphérique, the Francilienne ring road, and the Great Paris Bypass, the A86 motorway is one of the four-ring roads around Paris. Also known as the Paris Super Ring, it is sixty-nine kilometer-long.

Fourteen kilometers to the south of Paris, it crosses the town of Antony. As a large road axis, around 60.000 vehicles use this point on the A86 every day.

For this reason, the tunnel portions near Antony needed some renovation works to meet the latest road traffic safety criteria like smoke evacuation capabilities, air quality control technologies, and infrastructure waterproofing features.

To help target the maintenance actions, we have delivered a solution allowing the operator of the tunnel better supervision. Our ekor.rpa-031 multifunctional protection relay transmits more information to the customer thanks to an expansion module offering additional output contacts. The operator has a more accurate understanding of the different anomalies arising in the tunnel.