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We present the Digital Transformer Station, the integral solution to the needs of the new power grid

The Digital Transformer Station brings together all Ormazabal’s SF6 free and digital native products in a plug & play technological solution.

At Ormazabal we continue driving the transformation of the electrical grid towards a new digital reality without atmospheric emissions. Thus, after presenting our SF6-free technological solutions for primary and secondary distribution (sbp.zero24 and cgm.zero24) that contribute to a future free of fluorinated gases, we are accelerating the digitalisation of the electrical grid with the Digital Transformer Station; a joint solution that brings together our entire portfolio of native digital and SF6-free developments in a common space.

This solution, which acts as the main node of the grid, appears as a response to the revolution that the electrical infrastructure is undergoing with the need to efficiently and stably incorporate renewable energies, energy storage and electric vehicles. In this way, the Digital Transformer Station enables the incorporation, supervision and remote control of these fundamental assets, guaranteeing the stability of the electrical grid thanks to an entire technological infrastructure for automation, protection and remote control. An ecosystem with our gas insulated SF6-free technological solutions for primary or secondary distribution, our fully communicated transformer with on-load tap changer and our automated low-voltage board

Thus, the Digital Transformer Station, which was presented on the occasion of CIRED 2023 (International Conference of Electricity Distribution), improves the operation of our clients’ grids and responds to our commitment, as a technology and industrial company, to contribute to the digitisation and sustainability of society. We continue, with firm steps, on our route to zero.