We promote female talent with the sponsorship of the "Mentoring of Excellence" programme, within the "Women and Engineering" project.

Concha Mora de Amarillas, an offers engineer at Ormazabal, participates as a mentor in the programme, which seeks to develop female talent in the STEM field.

Some mentors, mentees and attendees at the opening ceremony of the 7th Edition of the “Mentoring for Excellence” programme at the RAI.

At Ormazabal we have redoubled our commitment to the development of female STEM talent by participating in and sponsoring the “Mentoring of Excellence” programme, which is part of the “Women and Engineering” project promoted by the Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain (RAI). This programme aims to encourage, motivate and excite young women to learn about the opportunities presented by STEM careers, an area where only 20% of professionals are women and which is key to improving the quality of people’s lives and ensuring the sustainability of the planet.

With this in mind, the opening ceremony of the 7th edition of the “Mentoring of Excellence” programme was held on 23 March, with Ormazabal as one of the leading technology companies taking part. The inaugural event, held at the headquarters of the Royal Academy of Engineering in Madrid, was attended by Concha Mora de Amarillas, a colleague from the engineering area of offers, who will form part of the programme as a mentor. A role that will allow her to support the development of a mentee in the necessary skills to successfully face their incorporation or impulse in the world of work or in their academic expertise. 

This mentoring experience is, in addition to other internal initiatives developed by Ormazabal such as “Ormazabal Mentoring Experiencie”, which, in line with our commitment to the development of people, has accumulated two successful courses facilitating the growth of talent through learning about the company and business knowledge, emotion management, communication skills or people management, among other areas.

The importance of female talent in the STEM field

The event began with the opening of Ms. Nuria Oliver, academic of the RAI and academic director of the “Women and Engineering” project, and Mr. Antonio Colino, president of the Royal Academy of Engineering, who insisted that “we need society to recognise the role played by engineering, and for that we need half of society, which is women, to be there”. A commitment that fits in with Ormazabal’s DNA.

Mr. Antonio Colino, president of the RAI, and Ms. Nuria Oliver, RAI academic of the RAI and academic director of the project “Women and Engineering”, welcoming the event.

As explained by Ms. Sara Gómez. Director of the “Women and Engineering” Project, “mentoring networks are key to retaining female talent in engineering careers and, therefore, they inspire to break the gender gap, favouring the incorporation and development of women in the world of work; especially in a world as masculinised as the world of engineering”.

At Ormazabal we are excited to be part of this initiative, continuously supporting female STEM talent and inspiring and accompanying the female engineers of the future on a path on which we advance together to reach a common goal.