We receive the Silver A and the Quality Innovation Award Euskadi at the Euskalit 2023 awards ceremony

These awards add to those received in 2017 (Gold and Silver A), 2019 (Innovation), and 2021 (Customers)

The Euskalit Awards gala, held on December 19th, was very special for Ormazabal, as we received a significant recognition in the form of two important awards that highlight our deep commitment to excellence and advanced management.

Our colleagues from the Supply Chain Drive division were awarded the Silver A in Advanced Management, and the Secondary Distribution team won the international Quality Innovation Award Euskadi for the launch of our SF6-free technological solutions, which we presented last June and were warmly welcomed by the market.

These awards add to those received in 2017 (Gold A and Silver A), 2019 (Innovation), and 2021 (Customers), showcasing our profound commitment to excellence. It’s a dedication that involves the entire Ormazabal team and is evident in the trust and recognition received from key players in advanced management.

We want to thank Euskalit for awarding both prizes, which represent the constant work of all the people who are part of Ormazabal and drive an energy transition towards a more electric and sustainable world; ultimately, our route to ZERO. Congratulations to the rest of the awarded companies and organizations!

Thank you so much! / Eskerrik asko! / ¡Muchísimas gracias!